Creates a water-loving contact lens that offers all-day comfort especially for contact lens wearers who experience eye dryness

PC Technology

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PC Technology™ is a unique lens material that attracts and maintains moisture, thereby maintaining moisture and reducing dryness. We created the technology especially to help people who experience eye dryness and irritation while wearing contact lenses.

Here’s how PC Technology™ works: Phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules are naturally water-loving. They attract the water molecules in your tears and bind them to the surface of the contact lenses. This creates a “shield” of water around the lenses that helps keep them clean and hydrated, so they feel moist and comfortable throughout the day.

In addition, PC Technology™ contact lenses retain up to 96% of their original water content—even after 12 hours of wear—giving you all-day comfort.


comfortable contact lenses

Gives you lenses that remain fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long

resisting deposit build-up

Deposit-resistant surface helps to keep contact lenses clean and the eyes healthy

PC Technology™ at work

Where you can find this technology:

For water-loving contact lenses that offer all-day comfort, ask your eye care professional about Proclear® lenses with PC Technology.