1.    Campaign Promotion period is from 15 December 2018 to 31 March 2019.

2.    For every purchase of 2 boxes of clariti®/MyDay® accompanied by (1) registration online at https://coopervision.com.hk/masterbrand (“Registration”) and (2) completion of redemption by providing a valid invoice and redemption code, you stand a chance to obtain a $50 Mannings shopping voucher.

3.    Registration must be completed at https://coopervision.com.hk/masterbrand no later than (1) 15 March 2019 (HKT 11:59 pm) and (2) the point of purchase of the qualifying products.  The maximum number of registrations is 3000. Vouchers are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last without notification.

4.    CooperVision Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to change the retailer in the redemption voucher at any time.

5.    Each person is only allowed to register once and receive a maximum of $150 worth of Mannings shopping vouchers for up to 6 boxes purchased under this Campaign. You can only get $150 Mannings shopping voucher at most even if you buy more than 6 boxes. 

6.    The purchase invoice must indicate the date, purchase number, the name of the store and product, the quantity purchased and the total amount spent. 

7.    The photo uploaded must show the entire invoice, and the transaction data must be clearly visible.

8.    The uploaded invoice photo will be verified by our staff.  Any receipt which is incomplete, altered, fake, broken (due to printing, manufacturing or any errors), copy or reprinted will not be accepted. Delivery Note, duplicated receipt, coupon/voucher, credit card customer copy is not accepted for this promotion.  Participants should keep the original receipt for prize redemption.  

9.    The issue date of invoice must be within the promotion period of 15 December 2018 to 31 March 2019.  Each invoice can only be used once, and repeated uploads of the same invoice will be considered invalid. If the information on the invoice fails to meet these conditions or does not match the input data or the invoice photo is incomplete or the transaction information is not clearly displayed, you will not be eligible to participate in this Campaign without further notice.

10.    Once the invoice information is verified, winners will receive the prize within the designated delivery date after successful registration.

11.    You must complete your redemption process before 31 March 2019 (HKT 11:59pm).

12.    Vouchers will be mailed to successful participants at the correspondence address provided at registration.  CooperVision Hong Kong Limited shall not be responsible for reissuing any replacement vouchers in any event the original vouchers (i) are lost, stolen or damaged after the date of posting, (ii) are are not received due to incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect information provided.

13.    Any personal data collected will be used by CooperVision Hong Kong Limited, agency or production house in relation to this campaign only. All personal data collected will be destroyed within 9 months after the end of the promotion. 

14.    For any enquiries relating to this campaign, please contact us at our website.

15.    For the use of the voucher redeemed under this Campaign, please refer to the terms and conditions in the voucher. CooperVision Hong Kong Limited shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the redemption or use of the voucher. 

16.    Present employees of CooperVision Hong Kong Limited and their immediate family members and any agency or production house in relation to this campaign will not be eligible to participate in this campaign.

17.    By participating in this promotion activity, you agree to be bound by these above Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflicts or disputes, CooperVision Hong Kong Limited reserves the right of interpretation and final decision which shall be binding. 

18.    Customers may be required to pay for eye/service fees provided by professional optometrists. According to Section 5.4 of Part III of the Hong Kong Optometrists Management Code, optometrists may not claim to provide any free or discounted professional services.