Detail is subject to CooperVision Hong Kong terms and conditions:

1) Participant must be a Hong Kong resident.

2) This promotion is organized by CooperVision Hong Kong Limited. (“Organizer”).

3) Promotion detail:

a) Campaign promotion period and registration period is from 15 July 2019 (HKT 0:00 am) to 30 September 2019 (HKT 11:59 pm).

b) Participants who have purchased 6 boxes or more of clariti® family products accompanied by registration online at as clariti referrer and recommend your friends to purchase 2 boxes or more of clariti® family products are eligible to join this campaign.

c) Each person is only allowed to register as referrer or referee once and designated number of referees are 5 people or 10 people. If the number of referees is more than 5 people but less than 10 people, your submission will only be considered as tier of 5 people.

d) Prizes are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last without notification.

e) Registration and purchase record submission must be completed at your personal account page no later than 30 September 2019 (HKT 11:59 pm), including:

i) Full Name as shown on Hong Kong Identity Card,

ii) Mobile number、

iii) Email address、

iv) Optical shop name、

v) Purchase invoice number、

vi) Product name、

vii) Purchase date、

viii) Purchase qty、

ix) Purchase invoice/receipt and its electronic payment slip

x) Product image with opened packaging and unopened lenses

4) Submission time is based on the time of receipt by the server of the Organizer. Late submission will not be accepted.

5) Only accept registration by Hong Kong mobile phone number with voice and mobile phone SMS function. If the mobile phone number does not have voice or mobile phone SMS function or the service of registered phone number is stopped, being invalid or changed, the participating qualification will be cancelled.

6) Prize detail︰


Reward for qualified referrer

Quota /people

Number of referrals required

Reward for qualified referee

Tier 1

HK$3,000 Travel voucher



Each referee will be entitled

HK$150 value of Coffee vouchers

Tier 2

HK$1,000 Marathon House shopping voucher



7) All rewards will be paid by the gift voucher.

8) CooperVision Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to change the voucher type at any time without further notice.

9) A qualifying purchase invoice must contain (a) Shop name header; (b) Purchase invoice/receipt number; (c) Purchase date; (d) Product name; (e) Purchase quantity; (f) Purchase amount; (g) Company chop (computer printed invoice does not require). The participating qualification will be cancelled if fail to provide any of the required proof of purchase.

10) Handwritten purchase invoice is accepted as proof of purchase if company chop has been stamped on invoice which must be clearly visible and match with shop name printed on invoice header.

11) Only accept invoice issued from shops with physical retail optical outlet, any purchase through online platform store/optical shop will not be accepted.

12) All purchase receipts/invoices cannot be issued by same optical shop, each submission only accepts up to 3 purchase receipts/invoices are issued by the same optical shop, and more than 3 purchase receipts/invoices will not be accepted.

13) Purchase must be made by electronic payment only. An electronic payment method is the only payment way you can used, and any other payment methods will not be accepted.

14) The issue date of invoice must be within the promotion period of 15 July 2019 to 30 September 2019 . Each single purchase invoice can only be used once, and repeated upload of the same invoice will be considered invalid. If the information on the invoice fails to meet the eligibility criteria or does not match the input data or the invoice photo is incomplete, or the transaction information is not displayed clearly, you will not be eligible to participate in this Campaign without further notice.

15) The photo uploaded must show the entire invoice, and the transaction data must be clearly visible. Any invoice or receipt which is incomplete, altered, fake, broken (due to printing, manufacturing or any errors), copy or reprinted will not be accepted. Delivery Note, duplicated receipt, coupon/voucher is not accepted for this promotion. Participants should keep the original receipt for prize redemption.

16) The product image uploaded must contain the product carton box that has been opened, and the contact lens power on blister foil must be displayed clearly, and the power should be the same as the purchase receipts/invoices stated. If the information on the product fails to meet the eligibility criteria or does not consistent with the information has been entered or the product photo is incomplete or fails to display the information clearly, the eligibility of participation and/or coupon will be disqualified without prior notice.

17) Among the products purchased by the referees, only accept same myopic power combination at maximum of 2 people, and more than 2 people will not be accepted.

18) During the campaign period, if registered data or winning notification are lost, inaccurate, unidentifiable or damaged caused by any computer, network, telephone or technical issues which are not attributed to the default of CooperVision Hong Kong Limited, CooperVision Hong Kong Limited will not have any legal liability if the participant is judged as disqualified.

19) The information entered by the referrers can not be changed after the submission. All the information is subject to online registration and record filling. If the information is not true or incorrect, CooperVision Hong Kong Limited are not responsible for disqualification of prize entitlement, failure to receive the redemption SMS or prizes details.

20) Referrers must complete the submission process before 30 September 2019 (HKT 11:59pm). Any information and documents received after this date will not be considered and the relevant registration will not be accepted.

21) The information submitted by the referrers will be verified to confirm the qualification. Once the information is successfully verified, winner (Referrer and referee) will receive a mobile phone SMS from the organizer with the redemption details on or before 30 November 2019.

22) Winners will be required to redeem in person at specified period, time and place, and present the original invoices or receipts, the HKID card and SMS notification for redemption verification. Authorized redemption is not allowed. If a winner fails to present the original invoices or receipts, or the HKID card, or SMS notification or the invoice/receipt number or the HKID card number are inconsistent with the number that has been entered, winner will be disqualified. CooperVision Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to disqualify and re-elect the winners.

23) The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Winners agree to abide by the terms and conditions which listed by the prize suppliers regarding the relevant prizes. CooperVision Hong Kong Limited shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the redemption or use of the prizes.

24) Referrers understand and accept CooperVision Hong Kong Limited has no legal or other liabilities if any winners are unable to enjoy any prizes for whatever reasons or if any winners suffer from any personal injuries or property losses or damages in the course of his or her enjoyment of any prizes for whatever reasons

25) Any personal data collected will be used by CooperVision Hong Kong Limited, agency or production house in relation to this campaign only. All personal data collected will be destroyed within 9 months after the end of the promotion.

26) For any enquiries relating to this campaign, please contact us at our website or hotline +852 3718 0699.

27) Present employees of CooperVision Hong Kong Limited, optical shop, optical retailer, and their immediate family members and any agency or production house in relation to this campaign are not eligible to participate in this campaign.

28) By participating in this promotion activity, you agree to be bounded by all the Terms and Conditions listed above. In case of any conflicts or disputes, CooperVision Hong Kong Limited reserves the right of interpretation and final decision which shall be binding.

29) Customers may be required to pay for eye/service fees provided by professional optometrists. According to Section 5.4 of Part III of the Hong Kong Optometrists Management Code, optometrists may not claim to provide any free or discounted professional services.