Help Your Patients See Past Their Ocular Allergies.

Many of your contact lens patients may likely to deal with seasonal allergies. A study found that many ocular allergy sufferers who switched to 1 Day lenses reported improved comfort1.

When it comes to fitting your patients in contact lenses, you have many brands and wearing schedules to choose from. But only CooperVision 1 Day lenses offer an unmatched opportunity for your patients to enjoy health, convenience, and comfort. In turn, your practice will have an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy significant growth.


More beneficial for eye health

  • Patient wears fresh, clean lenses every day - helping to minimize allergic response
  • The highest compliance rate of any modality2


More convenience and comfort

  • Comfort and eye health problems associated with lens deposits are virtually eliminated
  • Proclear® 1 Days can lead to longer wearing times for happier patients with our patented PC Technology™
  • No lens solutions or care regimen to remember


More value for your patients, more profit opportunity for your practice

  • Daily disposable lenses worn full-time cost nearly the same annually as premium two-week lenses worn full-time adjusting for the cost of solutions
  • Trade up existing wearers or those looking for optimal comfort to Proclear 1 Day lenses the only lens material specifically designed to improve comfort
  • No other spherical or toric modality offers you a better opportunity to increase practice profitability
  • High compliance rate means more regular reorders than with two-week or monthly lenses
  • ClearSight™ 1 Days positioned to capture incremental sales from existing eyeglass patients with 30 and 90 lens cartons


So make allergies a non-issue for your patients and benefit from increased sales growth with CooperVision 1 Day Disposables.


1Source: ‘An Evaluation of 1-Day disposable Contact Lens Wearers in a Population of Allergy Sufferers’ Hayes V, Schnider C, Veys J. Contact Lens & Anterior Eye June 2003

2Source: "Compliance and Contact Lenses," Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses, March 2006