Comfort Drops™

Refresh your eyes with Comfort DropsTM from CooperVision. These contact lens rewetting drops can be used as needed throughout the day to help cleanse your eyes and restore comfort.1,2,3  Comfort DropsTM help relieve irritation caused by contact lens wear, dust, pollen, air pollution and other environmental factors.2,3 They also rewet and help soothe eyes that may feel uncomfortable in dry environments, such as those with central heating and air conditioning.1,4 And because they’re specially formulated to the natural pH of tears, Comfort DropsTM are gentle on the eye and suitable for regular use.5

The features you'll love

comfortable contact lenses

Specially formulated to help cleanse your eyes and restore comfort.1

eye drops

Help relieve contact lens and environmentally related eye irriation.2,3

contact lenses

Suitable for use with rigid gas permeable and soft contact lenses.6

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